SHEQ . Safety, Health, Environment, Quality


A safety culture prevails throughout the company from the senior management to the on-site staff and in everything we do. Samoco’s SCC-P, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and ISO-45001 certi­cates guarantee the high quality and safety level in our execution.

Management is based on 6 cornerstones:

  • Thorough technical and safety attitude training and coaching of our workforce
  • Excellent preparation & execution through our SPM procedure
  • Visual last minute risk analysis (LMRA) by our people on site
  • Stop & Consult procedure in case of unsafe situations
  • Life saving rules to be followed by all of our employees at all times
  • Professional incident investigation & creation of lessons learned

High quality manpower on site is a key success factor for safe execution of projects. Therefore, all of our employees receive the necessary SCC approved trainings and certificates. Moreover we provide and create additional trainings to our employees that cover our most dangerous risks, such as working on height (together with 3M) and working with an acid suit (co-created with TCS).

At Samoco, all of our projects are being executed along a standardised procedure, called the Samoco Project Management or “SPM” methodology. From the creation of the bid until the evaluation of the project, all necessary phases are de­ned along with the most important milestones.  This gives the organisation the necessary grip and control on the process.

Before the start of each job our employees carry out a last minute risk analysis or “LMRA”. To do this they have a visual document at their disposal which they can use irrelevant of the language they speak.

When something is off and our employee does not feel secure about the working method, he has the right and duty to stop the works and consult his hierarchy. To stimulate this, we have a reward program in place.

7 Simple and clear rules which are known by heart by all of our employees. This is part of our DNA.

I correctly apply the client’s work permit procedure

I execute a LMRA prior to the start of the works and I apply the STOP & HOLD procedure if I deem that the situation is not safe

I use the necessary CPE and PPE to work safely at height

I always wear the prescribed PPE

I never work when I am under influence of alcohol and drugs; I know that the possession of these substances at work is strictly forbidden

I never smoke outside of the designated areas

I never use or take along my mobile phone in plants where this is forbidden

Living by these guidelines have not only provided us with excellent safety statistics but also earned us a number of important awards that are recognised throughout the industry:

Belgian Health &Safety Manager of the year 2020 award (Agoria)

Covestro Safety award 2018

BASF Safety award 2018 & 2019