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About Samoco

It began in the early 1970´s, when two specialised companies discovered one another. At the time, the Belgian Sarens NV was known as an established value for crane rental and transport, while Montalev France had developed over the years an extensive know-how in industrial assembly.

The activities of the two companies complemented one another perfectly, and in 1973 their collaboration is a fact. Their mutual synergy gave birth to Samoco: a company with a solid financial basis, a family character and a strong organisational structure.

Today Samoco is active at home and abroad.

3 core values

The secret of our success? 3 strong core values that we constantly keep in mind. Whatever project we begin, it is always implemented in accordance with our core values. This is the only way we can guarantee the quality our customers expect from us.


  • We position ourselves in the market as skilled service providers executing specialist  jobs with the best people available.
  • We are currently implementing a competency management system in order to always have the right people on the right job.
  • Along with our core business, we offer additional services to provide a total solution and thus satisfy the customer´s needs.
  • As a subsidiary of the Sarens Group, we receive full support for Heavy Lifting and Special Transport activities.


  • Our passionate professionals are proud of what they realise and they do their utmost best to satisfy the customer.
  • Samoco distinguishes itself by quickly responding to the demands of the customer. You can count on us at any time.


  • Safety awareness is perceptible throughout the organisation, from top management to site and in everything we do.
  • The VCA Petrochemistry and ISO 9001 certificates guarantee a safe and top-quality execution of your project.


Our experience and expertise make that today we provide our services to clients from various sectors; from the precise assembly and welding work to the manipulation of heavy materials. This is a proof of our versatility and flexibility. Can you not find your sector in the below list? Please contact us for more information. Because we are not afraid of a challenge.

Waste treatment, Construction, Harbour Nations, Machine building, Oil and gas, Transhipment, Petrochemicals, Pharma, Production, Food industry, Heavy process industry